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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Should I attempt to build my own strings or choose a custom string builder?

A. How much you use your bow and how many bows you own should help you determine this. If you have a single bow and your sole use is only during hunting season, then for economic reasons a custom builder may be the answer. If you own a couple bows, hunt, shoot some tournaments and have buddies that do the same, then learning to build your own custom strings is a good option. Brownell offers all the materials and tools to get you started including the string jig.

Q. What string should I use?

A. We recommend for compounds: Rampage, Rhino, D75, and Vantage. Some shooters prefer to use a Vectran material, such as Vantage on their cables and a 100% HMPE material for their string. However, 100% HMPE materials work well on both strings and cables.

Note: These are suggestions compiled from our R and D staff.

Q. What type of serving should I use?

A. For end loops and end serving: 1D or Mini Serving work well and for areas which are prone to serving separation we suggest to use Fusion end serving. Bullwhip also works very well for tight end servings and is offered in a variety of colors. For center serving RCT and Diamondback are the preferred servings in the industry.

Q. Which materials are for optimum speed and which are the most durable?

A. All Brownell materials are developed with speed and durability as the number one factor. As a general rule the more durable the material the slower it will be. Keep in mind that generally there is only a variance of 3 to 6 fps from the slowest to the fastest Brownell material.

Slowest to fastest: D75Astro FlightVantage - Rhino - Rampage

Q. What string material do I need for a recurve or longbow?

A. If you have an older recurve or longbow we suggest using our B50, without reinforced limb tips you risk doing damage to your bow if you use a HMPE or Vectran material. If you have a Compound bow or a recurve/longbow with reinforced limb tips, check with your manufacturers recommendation for string material but generally you can use D75, Vantage, Astro Flight, Rhino, Fast Flight or Rampage with no problem.

Q. What is HMPE?

A. HMPE (High Modulus PolyEthylene) is a generic name for long polyethylene chain thermoplastics. It is also know as UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene) and HPPE (High Performance PolyEthylene). Besides being an eVantagelent material for making high performance bow strings, HMPE is also used for climbing equipment, fishing lines, yachting lines and sails, and for armor applications. It is 8 to to 15 times stronger than steel compared on a strength to weight ratio. Dyneema from DSM and Spectra from Honeywell are registered trade names of this fiber.

Q. What type of maintenance does Brownell materials require?

A. It is very important to wax your bow strings and cables on a regular basis but this is often the most neglected step in maintenance. Brownell bowstring wax is formulated to be compatible with all bow string materials. If you shoot a lot or your bow is exposed to the elements, wax at least every two weeks. Never expose your bow to extended periods of extreme heat such as in a closed vehicle during the summer months.

Q. How often should I replace my strings and cables?

A. This will depend on several factors such as cam design, shots fired and maintenance. With good maintenance a target or 3D shooter should replace the strings and cables every year and the average bowhunter every two years.