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Crafting quality bowstring materials since 1944.

Brownell & Company


Brownell & Company

About Us

Pioneers of the industry with over eighty years of experience, Brownell Archery produces bowstring and serving materials that are unsurpassed in quality, innovation and craftsmanship.

Since the end of World War II, Brownell has developed innovative bowstring technology that has evolved into the industry’s leading archery bowstrings. Currently, we are developing the next generation of bowstrings that will meet and exceed the requirements of advanced bow technology.

With over eighty years of bowstring manufacturing, we are the leaders. Our quality, price and on-time delivery are unsurpassed and our professionalism is superb.

Brownell is the only bowstring material company to design and engineer manufacturing machinery to produce one, two, and three color bowstring material in a single strand.

We are constantly producing new products to service your needs and will continue to provide the highest quality bowstrings for future generations of archers.

Mission Statement

At Brownell, our mission is to build on our long standing tradition of product excellence and innovation to provide the archery industry with the highest quality bowstring materials available. We are committed to the research and development of the latest fiber technologies for use in bowstring materials. We thrive to exceed our customer's expectations in quality, innovation, and service because we understand and appreciate that our success is achieved through their success.

Our History

Brownell & Company

Brownell is a family name whose American origins date back to 1798, with the settlement of the Brownell family in Westport, Massachusetts.

The company was founded by Edward Brownell in 1826, followed by being incorporated in 1844. Brownell had been primarily involved in the manufacture of cloth dressing, but added the manufacture of cloth twine.

The company's evolution over the past 190 years has many interesting products for a variety of business markets.

In 1913 Crary Brownell, grandson of Edward Brownell, became acting president. Who would have known that over the next thirty years, Brownell & Company would be the only survivor of the 15 mills in the Moodus area. Through this period of time, Brownell pioneered research and development in cotton zipper cord, nylon tire cord, dacron for v-belt cord, fiberglass for tire cord, and twisted carbon yarn used to make the re-entry shields for the early space capsules. In addition, Brownell sold cotton twine to fishermen for them to make fish nettings. With a personal interest in archery, Crary Brownell developed and manufactured what is now the finest bowstring materials available world-wide.

In the 1940's, the new kid on the block, nylon, was introduced to the world as a new fiber to replace cotton. Crary Brownell saw the immediate advantages using a fiber four times stronger cotton, that wouldn't rot. Brownell obtained a 3-year exclusive purchase agreement with DuPont, and thus became the world's first producer of nylon twines and netting.

Five Brownells, representing four generations, ran the mills for many years. The company is currently owned by Anthony Ferraz.

At present, Brownell is still very active in the manufacture and development of superior quality bowstring, as well as many specialty twines developed for industrial applications.